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Resident and Student Research

To apply for a research elective complete an Anesthesia Resident Research Elective Form and submit it. It will be evaluated by the Residency Training Committee and it needs to be approved prior to booking your elective block. The Residency Program Director will notify you about the outcome of your application. To apply for a research elective you should have a well defined research question, a research mentor (a staff faculty member) learning objectives for the elective and it is best to have REB approval prior to doing the elective. This way, you can make best use of the time and actually collect data (if applicable) during your elective. Please submit your form well in advance of your planned elective to ensure enough time for it to be reviewed.

Describes what anesthesia residents need to do during their residency to fulfill their research requirement.

Has a collection of articles on key aspects of research methodology, including how to pose a research question and how to write up a research proposal.

Shows the resident projects and the winners from the past research exchange days.

Students who do retrospective chart reviews must do this tutorial and record their number for the REB requirements.

Students who take part in prospective clinical trials need to complete this training for the REB requirements.

Residents who wish to take a block elective for their research project must fill this application out and submit it. The Residency Training Committee will review it and decide if this elective time can be granted.

This checklist will help students with the process of any type of research project.

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