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CCM Research Exchange Day Results


 Rank   University   Name and Project Description
             1            University of Western Ontario                       Vincent Lau
Directly from ICU Sent to Home: Factors Associations with increasing Rates of Discharges Directly Home from ICU (DISH Study)

 2 McMaster University Brian Buchanon
Comprehensive Ultrasound Evaluation of the Failure-to-Wean Patient: a Pilot Study

 3 McMaster University John Centofanti
Resident Reflections on End-of-Life Education: a Mixed-Methods Study of the 3 Wishes Project


 Rank   University   Name and Project Description
             1            McMaster University                    Erick Duan
OSCILLATE Knowledge Translation - An Audit of ARDS Management                                                                                                

 2 University of Western Ontario                    Asher Meldelson
Design of  Headrest for Patients Undergoing Prone Ventilation in the ICU

 3 McMaster University Andrew Gibson and Rohin Malhotra
The Development of a Critical Care Ultrasound Curriculum for Faculty and Fellows


 Rank   University   Name and Project Description
         1            McMaster University Erick Duan
Use of a Daily Goals Checklist on Morning Rounds: A Mixed-Methods Study                                                                                                      

 2 McMaster University Bram Rochwerg
Fluid Resuscitation in Sepsis: A Network Meta-Analysis

 3 University of Western Ontario                    Phil Andros
The Physical Exam in Critical Illness


 Rank   University   Name and Project Description
             1            McMaster University                      Rebecca Kruisselbrink
Monitoring of Medical and Surgical Patients in Mulago Hospital, Uganda: A Pilot Observational Study Using the Modified Early Warning Score

 2 University of Western Ontario                    Robert Lepeer
A 12 Year Review of the Beneficial Effects of a Non-Operative Management Algorithm for Splenic Trauma

 3 McMaster University Ian Mazzetti and Simon Oczkowski
Colloids as an Adjunct to Diuresis in Critically Ill Patients: A Systemic Review


 Rank   University   Name and Project Description
             1            McMaster University                               Han-Oh Chung and Damien Medina
Sepsis Module - An Educational Tool for The Management of Sepsis

 2 McMaster University Waleed Al-Hazzani
Neuromuscular Blocking Agents in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

 3 McMaster University Craig Ainsworth
Hypothermia After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Perspectives from Hamilton


 Rank   University   Name and Project Description
             1            University of Western Ontario                       Dave Nagpal
Starch or Saline after Cardiac Surgery: Results of a Pilot Randomized, Controlled Trial

 2 University of Western Ontario Robert Leeper
Resuscitative Outcomes for Surgeon vs. Non-Surgeon Trauma Team Leaders - 10 Year Experience at a Canadian Trauma Centre

 3 McMaster University Waleed Al-Hazzani
Proton Pump Inhibitor vs. Histamine 2 Resceptor Antagonist for Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis: a meta-analysis

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